An EU-financed project within the framework of IPA 2011, implemented by a consortium led by EPTISA

The EU-funded 24-month project “Implementation of Antidiscrimination Policies in Serbia” (IPA 2011) started in November 2011 with a kick off meeting that brought together the representatives of the institutions beneficiaries of the Project, the Office for Human and Minority Rights (OHMR) and the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality (CPE), the EU Delegation and the Project Team.

The meeting marked the beginning of a two-month Inception phase when the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) carried out a thorough review of the Project Terms of Reference (TOR) by coordinating an extensive survey targeting governmental and nongovernmental actors. The resulting Inception Report provides an illustrative assessment of the capacity development needs of various institutions which are directly and indirectly beneficiaries of the Project. The document highlights legal and policy challenges in the implementation of the Antidiscrimination framework and recommends specific activities for selected governmental and nongovernmental institutions.

The Project purpose is to strengthen the institutional capacities of the OHMR and of the CPE for a more effective and efficient implementation of anti-discrimination policies in line with the EU standards and best practices. The Project aims at achieving three key results: (1) Enhanced capacity of the OHRM to implement and monitor the Anti-discrimination policy, promote Tolerance, Equality and Diversity and prevent discrimination; (2) Strengthened institutional support to the victims of discrimination on national and local levels and, (3) Raised awareness of the general public and specific target groups on the key aspects of the Anti-discrimination policy.

Based on these expected results, the Project Team elaborated a work plan and mobilized resources across all three components to undertake the activities listed below. 



Target group



Advanced workshop on “Mediation in Cases of Discrimination”

 6-8 and 22-24 March 2013

 14 CPE Mediators


manual (Serbian)

Survey on “Perception of Criminalistics’ Police Inspectors about Discrimination”

 4 April 2013

5 Police Departments Serbia-wide


Suzbijanje diskriminacije u Republici Srbiji

Training-of-Trainers workshop on “The Hate Crime institute”

 22-23 May 2013

 10 Judges and Prosecutors accredited as trainers in the Judicial Academy

OHMR, CPE, MoJ-PA,  Judicial Academy

training manual (Serbian)

training manual (English)

Rabat Action Plan (Serbian)

Workshop on “Reporting to UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies”

 4 June 2013

30 High-level Ministry officials


workshop resources (Serbian)

A proposal for the development of an institutional mechanism for implementing the recommendations from UN treaty monitoring bodies and the Universal Periodic Review

 10 December 2014

100 representatives of govermental and non-govermental organizations


Compilation of Selected UN International Human Rights Treaties

Republic of Serbia and UN Human Rights Mechanisms - Reports 2013-2014


Advanced workshop on “Reporting to UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD)”

11-12 June 2013

30 Ministerial focal points for reporting to UN CERD


manual (Serbian)

manual (Engish)

Seminar on “The role of the Ministry of Interior in Preventing and Combating Discrimination”

 14 June 2013

150 Heads of Police Departments and Police Units


seminar resources (Serbian)

Development of the OHMR Communication Strategy

 30 July 2013

OHMR, Government and State bodies, NGOs


Communication Strategy(Serbian) (English)

Workshop on “Advancement of Public and Media Appearances”

19-20 September 2013

25 OHMR and CPE staff


workshop resources (English)

ToT workshop on “Upgrading Training Plans, programs and contents in the Police Training Centers”

8-9 October 2013

 22 Police Trainers (18 lecturers from Basic Police Training Centre and 4 from Directorate for Education, Training, Professional Development and Science of the Ministry of Interior 


workshop resources (Serbian)

Workshop on” Building Capacities of Police Officers to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of Anti-Discrimination Policies/ Hate crime and Hate Speech”

9 October 2013

 22 Police Trainers  (18 lectures from Basic Police Training Centre and 4 from the Directorate for Education, Training, Professional Development and Science of the Ministry of Interior) and 33 Police Officers from 11 selected Local Self-Government     


workshop resources (Serbian)

Advanced Workshop on ”Using Indicators to Implement and Measure Human Rights in Serbia”

16-17 October 2013

50 participants (25 from line ministries and national human rights institutions, 25 from civil society organizations


Human Rights Indicators (Serbian)

Assessment report on legislative and strategic needs in the area of Non-Discrimination

28 November 2013


Victimology Society of Serbia

Temida, special thematic issue on “Implementation of Anti-Discrimination policies in Serbia”

In conjunction with these activities, in December 2013 the Project Team began implementing field-level preventive and promotional measures against discrimination in 11 selected Local Self Governments (LSGs). The following LSGs have been selected in accordance to a specific methodology and in close cooperation with the beneficiary institutions and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM): Bor, Ivanijca, Jagodina, Kosjeric, Leskovac, Loznica, Novi Pazar, Odzaci, Prijepolije, Vranje and Zitiste. Throughout the first semester of 2014, these LSGs hosted training activities, workshops and information sessions targeting the local police, judiciary, civil administration, media, trade unions and the civil society.



Target group



Workshop on “Building Capacities of Police Officers to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of Anti-Discrimination Policies/ Hate Crime, Hate Speech and Hate Graffiti”

9 October 2013

33 Police Officers from 11 selected Local Self-Government


workshop resources (Serbian)

Brochure (Serbian)

Advanced workshop on “How to prevent discrimination in the process of developing local regulations”

 12-13 December 2013

22 municipal legal officers from 11 LSGs

11 LSGs

Manual (Serbian)

Advanced workshop on “Hate crime, hate speech and hate graffiti. Understanding the linkages, responding to the threat"

From December 2013 – ongoing 

Civil administration, judiciary, police, media, centers for social work, schools, CSOs in 11 LSGs

11 LSGs

Workshop resources (Serbian)

Zločin mržnje, govor mržnje i grafiti mržnje

Brochure (Serbian)

Information sessions on the CPE and procedures for application

From December 2013 – ongoing

CSOs in 11 LSGs

11 LSGs


While implementing educational activities for the benefit of police accredited trainers, an opinion survey was carried out across 5 regional police departments, involving 252 Criminalistic Police Inspectors. Findings of the survey have been analysed and published in a comprehensive publication downloadable here.

Moreover, a one month-long Serbia-wide awareness-raising campaign on Tolerance and Non-discrimination was developed, comprising video and information material aimed at raising knowledge of the general public and of specific target groups about the legal obligations of the duty bearers and of the existence of relevant institutions to combat all forms of discrimination. The beginning of the awareness raising campaign was marked by a press conference held on 26 September 2014 and featuring the representatives of the EU Delegation, of the two beneficiaries and of the Project Team. (See, among others, Link 1Link 2Link 3  and Link 4).

Some of the materials developed within the framework of the campaign are available for downloading here.




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