Билтен о развојној помоћи у Србији

Милош Маројевић

Ауторски чланак Милоша Маројевића, руководиоца Групе за спровођење и надзор спровођења пројеката финансираних из ЕУ објављен је у Билтену о развојној помоћи у Србији Канцеларије за европске интеграције.

Development Assistance for Roma integration in Serbia

The topics addressed at the seminar on “Social inclusion of Roma in Serbia“ held on 18th June show the complexity of issues that need to be solved in order to achieve Roma integration. At the seminar, Government representatives presented progress and efforts in the following areas: Education, Employment, Housing, Social and Health care, Civil Registration and Access to personal documentation, Freedom of Movement and Re-admission. It was acknowledged that the Roma remain one of the most vulnerable groups in Serbia and that their further integration is a priority goal for the Government.
Given the scope of the challenge and despite significant efforts undertaken – as well as means invested by the Government, Official Development Assistance (ODA) plays a key role in Roma integration. In the next four years the EU will provide assistance of the tune of 20 million euros, with additional aid by bilateral donors, namely Sweden and Switzerland.
The Office for Human and Minority Rights (OHMR), along with other relevant actors (line ministries, offices, the Civil Society and the Donor community) is involved in in this area through two major projects:

  • The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)- funded technical assistence in the implementation of the Strategy for promotion of the status of Roma, which is implemented by the OSCE (ongoing)
  • The EU-funded project “Technical assistance in implementation of the project idea of the Government of Republic of Serbia in the sector of Social Development (Measure 5) with regard to the implementation of the Strategy for promotion of the status of Roma, which will also be implemented by OSCE.

Moreover, the OHMR is also the beneficiary institution of the project “Implementation of antidiscriminaton policies“ and is an active participant in the regional IPA - Best practices for Roma integration in the Western Balcans (BPRI) project.

Behind these complex names there are desired project results and activities that have the potential for achieving the goal of integrating Roma in Serbia through a comprehensive approach to the numerous challenges this vulnerable group faces. In the meantime, an important first step has already been taken and the Action plan for implementation of the Strategy for promotion of the status of Roma 2013-2015 has been adopted on June 10th  by the Government.

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